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With the completion of maintenance facilities at Incheon and Gimpo International Airports, we are attracting superior mechanics and the continuous introduction of new technology, ASIANA AIRPORT could maintain our equipment for ground handling and passenger/crew in good condition all the time.

Besides maintenance services, we have been providing painting and cleaning services for the customers' comfort and localizing parts for the efficiency of operation. Our efforts will surely let your passengers and cargo enjoy a comfortable journey.

    Regular check of ground handling equipment
    Occasional check of ground handling
    Painting and cleaning of ground handling
    Reconstructing of ground handling equipment
    Other checks of equipment

ASIANA AIRPORT has supported specific operation or a part of operation carriers request. Based on various experience and kindness, we have been performing duties successfully without any mistakes. Such performance of ASIANA AIRPORT is already received many praises from carriers.

    GSE equipment operation
    Loading/unloading cargo
    Other paper works

ASIANA AIRPORT provides laundry service with so much cares that you can feel our sincerity. It is important that sanitation is directly connected to consumer's health; therefore, all procedures are controlled under rigid regulations. All fabric is applied including seats, blankets and uniforms.

    Seat cover cleaning
    Blank cleaning
    Uniform cleaning
    Other cleanings(towel etc)

Frequent changes in numbers of flights and types of aircraft could be burden to carriers in operation. Since these alterations could bring equipment changes which are very expensive, airlines would bear unexpected expenditure instead. To make such a decision, ASIANA AIRPORT not only provides equipment at a low price but rents it inexpensively to reduce burdens.

    Ramp Handling Equipment
    Cargo Handling Equipment
    Catering Support Equipment


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