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ASIANA AIRPORT not only operates the laboratory for fuel quality testing but also inspects fuel quality loaded on every flight. On the spot inspections are in accordance with IATA Standard and ASIANA AIRPORT's regulation for safety.

Check Points

    Daily : Storage Tank Release Note Check
                  Daily Filter & Sump Drain
                  Daily Fuel Sample (Control Check)-every flight
                  Chemical water detector check(every flight)

    Weekly : Filter Differential Pressure Check
                     Dispenser Control Box Check
                     Dispenser Appearance Check

    Monthly : Colorimetric Millipore Test
                      Fire Extinguisher Check

    Quarterly : Gravimetric Millipore Test

    Yearly : Fuelling Vehicle Tank Inspection
                    Dispenser Filter Open Check

    Biennially : Filter Change
                        Tank Cleaning

    Others : Defuelling Fuel Control Check
                    Contamination Test
                    Fuel Contamination Test

Maintenance Facility of Fueling System

    We have been making every effort to meet the requirements of customers through operating maintenance facilities of fueling system and audits from IATA, FAA and major suppliers.


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