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  Fueling Service

Fueling service covers all procedures related to fuel. Jet-A1 mainly consists of fueling, de-fueling, fuel quality control including inspection, and fuel delivery. With the completion of a fueling facility in Busan and Jeju International Airport in 1991, ASIANA AIRPORT started the service to Asiana Airlines and foreign carriers. Since then, ASIANA AIRPORT has developed and improved operation flow continuously under a strict quality control system. Beginning the fueling service at Incheon International Airport in Mar 2001 and Gimpo International Airport in Feb 2002 became our opportunity to participate in aircraft fueling market.

We provided 5 carriers at first, however the number of customers has allowed us to increase to 19 carriers. Market shares have also drastically increased up to 44.4% after opening Incheon International Airport. We expect the share will grow continuously in future.


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