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  Ramp Handling Service

Ramp service as the representative part of ramp handling service is provided to carriers accurately and in accordance with the request of customers. To attain this, we set up instructions, procedures and manuals for each operation based on international quality certifications such as ISO and train our staff systemically. As a result of this, we could have maintained the highest level of handling ability by service.

We also provide additional services such as anti/de-icing service, ex/interior cleaning service and laundry service for customer's comfort and joyful journey. Such a our careful support with an attention to detail that you may never notice has been appreciated and received a reputation from our customers as the "best ground handling company".

Marshalling / Parking

Ramp To Flight Deck Communication

Loading & Unloading

Embarking & Disembarking

Aircraft Starting

Moving of Aircraft

Baggage Service

Exterior & Interior Cleaning

Toilet & Water Service

Cooling & Heating

De-Icing / Anti-Icing Service

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[Baggage Service]
[Lavatory Service]
[De-Icing / Anti-Icing Service]
[Interior Cleaning]
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