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ASIANA AIRPORT the first Ground Service Provider to obtain the ISAGO registration in Korea.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) awarded ASIANA AIRPORT Ground Services the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) certificate. ASIANA AIRPORT is pleased to announce that the company has completed the Headquarter and Station audits and cleared all findings. ASIANA AIRPORT is registered on the ISAGO registry, the fifteen in the world and the first in Korea.

ISAGO is the global audit programme for ground handling companies serving airlines at airport. ISAGO is built upon a backbone of audit standards applicable to all ground handling companies worldwide, coupled with a uniform set of standards tailored to the specific activities of any ground handler. As a result, the ISAGO audit can be applied consistently to multinational ground handlers, as well as to smaller companies providing services at a single station.

The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations offers benefits to airlines, ground handlers, regulatory as well as airport authorities. ISAGO aims to safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries, elimination of redundant audits, reduced costs, less damage and fewer audits, a uniform audit process and harmonized standards,

Thanks to the efforts and eagerness of all ASIANA AIRPORT employees and executives’ boards for safety operation allowed ASIANA AIRPORT to be registered. We are satisfied with the outcome from this program and we are seeking to make another constant effort to be the best ground handling company in the world.

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Ⅱ. OHSAS 18001

ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc has made every effort to protect our staffs from any industrial disaster so that they can enjoy happiness at home and work site with their family for a long time. And our endeavor was appreciated finally by obtaining Safety Cert & OHSAS 18001 from BVQI(Bureau Veritas Quality International) on 22 Nov, 2000.

It is not only the first certification admitted internationally in the ground handling industry, but also chance to establish unified management system with ISO 9001 / 14001, that allow us to precede all other competitors. Also we took the reassurance of the safety & health management system(K-OHSMS 18001) from the domestic inspector-body, KSA. What K-OHSMS 18001 is that the standard has been articled and ran by KAB (Korea Accreditation Board), based on the international one-OHSAS 18000. K-OHSMS 18001's objectives are to introduce the safety & health management system to companies in the domestic area easily and to elevate the effects of the safety & health management on the job.


Ⅲ. SMS Certificate (Safety Management System)

ASIANA AIRPORT got certified for this on July 27th 2011 from Korean Ministry of Land, Transportation, and Maritime Affairs not only for fulfilling legal requirements also for establishing standardized work system.

In the period of 4 months of preparation, ASIANA AIRPORT implemented staff training about SMS, enacted SMS Manual, and passed through all the documentation and audit.

Through this SMS, we could establish the preventive safety management system which is different from the safety management focused on the past control of the past. For this preventative safety system, we made new systems such as reporting system, risk element excavation, performance indicator management, the make up of safety committee, safety monitoring system and so on. Thanks to these systems, we will be able to provide qualified services and prevent safety accidents. This SMS makes us accident-free company and the best ground handling company. We will keep trying to be the best ground handling company.


Ⅳ. Industrial Disaster Prevention Activity

    BATOBA Campaign

    Any possibility of accident you pass by easily should be found and removed before it's realized so that Asiana Airport Services, Inc started the campaign under the slogan "Back To The Basic". For this, each team and part sets up the appropriate operation guide under the situation where they are and we have obtained desirable results through passionate participation of all staffs.

    Ground Coordinator

    ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc appoints "ground coordinator" whose role is to synthetically check all service process of all flights to prevent industrial disaster while providing service.

Ⅴ. Health Care Activity

    Measurement of Working Environment

    For the improvement of working environment, we take a measurement of harmful factors at working site twice a year. Based on the results from the measurement, we invested and renewed both facilities and equipment, and then could maintain delightful circumstance below allowed limit.

    Prevention of Musculoskeletal disorders

    By using specific muscles repeatedly and constantly, Musculoskeletal disorders could be induced. From the point of view that providing best service is directly related to personnel's health condition, ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc has established and provided various kinds of preventive education programs.

Ⅵ. Industrial Disaster/Accident Free Campaign

    free place. "Jeju branch" achieved the number of days originally targeted 10times and certified by Korea occupational safety & health agency that is the first time in the same industry. And we will strive to bear such fruits at all business places continuously.


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