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  Environment Management

Ⅰ. Environment Management System(ISO 14001:1996)

ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc is the first company that acquired BS 7750, environmental management standard of England in 1995, and certified ISO 14001 to all services we provide, such as ramp service, cargo service and fueling service, from BVQI next year.

So we established an environmental management system through the entire company to minimize the effect to the nature from our products, activity and services. First we set the target - the environmental management. Second, we documented structure, liability and process of our company. Third we divided the human and material sources to do the best managing.

After then we certified reauthorizations (Aug. 1998, Nov. 2001). In Dec. 2003 we transformed the examiner to the KSA. It is not over yet to innovate ourselves to improve the environmental affects from the services we provided to our clients.


Ⅱ. Environmental Management Activity

    [Waste Recycling]

    During the winter season, we provide anti/de-icing service to guarantee the aircraft and passenger's safety. The liquid used for the service is the industrial waste regulated strictly by law. Therefore we collect most of it after the use with special equipment, and the collected waste is used to shatter cement. The liquid occupies largest portion of waste we make while providing a service and we take the lead of environmental protection by recycling it.

    [Air Pollution Material Control]

    Most air pollution we produce is from vehicles, equipments and facilities. We manage an amount of gas within 90% of the maximum amount of material allowed legally by measuring and inspecting all equipment and vehicle every quarter. We also strive to minimize the amount of material produced from facilities and have succeeded in controlling it within 30% of allowed amount legally.

    [Water Pollution Material Control]

    Most wastewater is produced while cleaning equipment and we have been monitoring facilities twice a year to prevent water contamination in conjunction with with Incheon International Airport Corporation.

    [Soil Pollution Material Control]

    Main facilities that could induce soil pollution are fuel storage facilities in Busan and Jeju. Inspection to check the degree of soil pollution has to be conducted every 2 years by law, however ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc does its best to prevent pollution by inspecting every year.

Ⅲ. Environment Report of ASIANA AIRPORT

    ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc makes and open Company Environment Report based on the guideline the Ministry of Environment presents each year.

Ⅳ. Environment Conservation Activity

    ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc has been conducting environment conservation activities at 4 major business places each month. This year was the first time to clean up nearby Incheon International Airport as a permanently stationed company. By this, we could not only contribute to local community but also improve our image.


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