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ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc is an accredited user of IATA AHM 804 and is IATA AHM 804 certified.
AHM 804 is a quality measurement and control system for ground handling services. It is to establish an IATA approved industry framework for performance measurement of service delivery standards related to aircraft ground handling services and also to enable the providers of ground handling services to measure their performance /quality against standards agreed with their customers.

This allows our company to build up positive images and meet client's requirements by setting up a quality control system.

Ⅱ. Authorized Economic Operator Certificate

ASIANA AIRPORT got certified for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). ASIANA AIRPORT is the first AEO certified company in the ground handling business in Korea.

AEO is the distribution company officially approved its compliance with the standard of WCO’s Import &Export Trade Supply Chain or that of the equivalent level from its own country’s Customs. In addition, AEO is valid not only in its own country also in other foreign countries signing MRA.

ASIANA AIRPORT officially gained its credibility and safety from Korea Customs Services and also we got certified for our safety from our trading partners’ customs.

Ⅲ. Service Quality Management Activity

Minimize Quality Incongruity Service

We set up several main goals related to customers such as baggage/cargo irregular and aircraft delay. The target is selected as the best one among the results for the last 5 years. And we are doing our best to attain that goal.

Quality Improvement Activity

ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc has participated, to improve quality, in various quality management exhibitions through formal announcement of good cases. Since joining the first time in 1996, we were awarded a silver medal in 1999, 2001 and 2002. This year we received a gold medal finally from the president. Furthermore, we encourage our staff to reflect such good ideas to the field directly.


We evaluate and award our staff members who contribute to service quality improvement by suggestions. As a result of making an effort to apply these to actual operation, we take effect more than what we expected.

Ⅳ. Awards

We have been awarded several times from our customers for highly qualified service which is gained from such efforts mentioned above.


TQP(Top Quality Performance) AWARD has only been awarded to the stations that meet the requirement, such as profit, service quality, aircraft delay. ASIANA AIRPORT, Inc has been awarded TQP AWARD three years in a row, '97, '98, '99. Especially we was the first among the stations all around the world.


Five Crown is only given to the company satisfying four major conditions, Aircraft Delay, Baggage Irregular, Check-In, Boarding. Our service have been recognized by receiving Five Crown six years in a row since 1997.

[NWA Appreciation Plaque for Service Quality]

In September, 2000, we received NWA Appreciation Plaque from Northwest Airlines as the best ground handling company in Asia. Northwest Airlines praised us highly not only for the qualified service and satisfying the requirements to NWA but also for the handling NWA's aircrafts carefully as treating ASIANA AIRPORT's aircrafts.


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